Our Pastor

pastorReverend Roger L. Washington was born in Charleston, SC in a family of seven children. He grew up in church from his youth. He found himself engrossed in the atmosphere of Christian worship in a wooden church building. The building leaned to the left due to its poor structural design, but it was filled with love and the Holy Spirit. Pastor Washington’s father was the church musician and his mother  was the church secretary. At the tender age of eight, he asked God to one day make him a preacher and the Lord heard his prayer. It was 21 years later, before he would answer the call to proclaim the gospel. Pastor Washington began playing music in church at the age of twelve. He was taken to churches all across the lower part of SC, where he played his music on the steel guitar for prayer bands, ushers’ anniversaries, church revivals and many other services. At the age of twenty, he began his preaching ministry at the Rock Hill AME Church in Vance, SC.

Pastor Washington has pastored in several cities in SC. He became the pastor of Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church in October of 1998. Our church has seen many wonderful improvements since Pastor Washington’s arrival.

Pastor Washington’s vision is profound and unique. It is within the realm of seeing for the future of the church, the Lord’s priest hood. The Pastor believes’ that the entire body of Christ is His priesthood and should be doing what the head of the church did while He walked on earth. He is an advocate of the people being equipped to proclaim the message of Christ for this present age. His mission is to have a church filled with people (saints) who can and will preach, teach and explain the ways of the Lord to the people of this fallen generation. Pastor Washington believes in street ministry and winning lost souls to Christ. He is an advocate of the Holy Spirit being in the lives of the Lord’s people.

The pastor organized the Heaven Bound Youth Choir and they are an inspiration to our church and to all who are blessed to hear them. Pastor Washington is leading the church in the direction of satellite ministry in order to reach people across the United States. Pastor Washington has done in-depth studies in the area of biblical history and has discovered the true identity of the Africans who followed Moses and were later called the children of Israel. He believes the combination of science, chemistry, history and the gospel makes for a better understanding of relevancy and Godly revelations. This enlightens the Lord’s people. Worship is a climate here at Mt. Olive AME Church, and we set a climate that is conducive for worship and visitation of the most Holy God. The Lord is truly blessing us and we are being lead by our pastor who allows the Holy Spirit to lead him. Please join us on your next visit and be in the presence of the Lord.


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